Stolen Moments




Steve Simon, photojournalist and king of street photographers in New York City:  “He was a bit of a rock star to me— he traveled the world shooting pictures and shared them with thousands of photographers at The Nikon School. This book is a rare opportunity to get inside the head of a master street photographer. Steal some of Larry’s ideas and techniques like I did and make them your own.” 


Ted Grant, OC,Canada's premier living photographer: “Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, this is a book for every photographer.  It’s excellent straight-forward common sense. This is a Cracker Jack, easy reading book. It is complete with quite understandable how-to-do-it suggestions. Actually many, if not all (the techniques) have been my guide of shooting during the past 65 years. I highly recommend this book and suggest that it be read carefully. Try each and every suggestion. No question, you will gain a far greater insight to capturing ‘stolen moments.”   www.tedgrantphoto.comnt is 


 Ken Heyman, my mentor and to whom my book is dedicated and former MAGNUM photographer, over 200 assignments for LIFE Magazine and over 22 photo books:  “I'm slowly looking at your excellent book.  Cover pix and title--excellent.  Your flowery description and dedication to me is embarrassing, but part of me says, "yeah Ken." Many thanks. A very impressive piece of work, congratulations!”


Dennis Miles, Academic Coordinator, Photography Studies, Ryerson University:  “I just finished reading your eBook and I really like it. Your comment, which I use to motivate my students, and attribute to you: ‘The best pictures in the world have yet to be made.’ Its perfect.” 


David Eisenberg, photographer (clients: Rolling Stone, Playboy and more):

Larry Frank; photographer, writer, educator, seeker of the beauty of humanity, shares life’s unguarded ‘Stolen Moments,’ captured forever in this collection of passionate and humorous imagery. In this eBook, Larry explains, in everyday language, the ‘How To techniques,’ that everyone can easily learn, to capture their own stolen moments. Revisiting these photographs over and over again, I am allowed to be part of that adventurous journey of being on the road or street with Larry.

Selected Pages:

                       Sex Maniac, Cartagena,

                                Colombia, South America

I was being followed, probably to steal my camera. When you think this may be happening, here’s a safety tip: enter any available store or anywhere you think there may be phone and go to the counter. Whoever is following you probably thinks you’re asking the store personnel to call the police. Hang in the store of a while, then in the doorway to check if the coast is clear. While I was doing exactly this, I saw this mannequin. Sadly, no one paid any attention to it. I must have waited 10-15 minutes until this boy decided to cop a feel. The lesson: 1) stay safe, 2) Invest some time if you see a potential.

              More Than Just A Pretty Picture: A Stolen Moment

                                                           Forbidden City, Beijing, China

 The composition was fantastic. The doorway worked as a frame looking into the buildings, but the image needed a key element…a human. Time is also a key ingredient to a good image and so I waited. Had the child been more to the centre of the doorway, the image wouldn’t have worked. The child would have “eye-blocked” the viewer from going through the doorway. When in this type of situation, shoot. Don’t waste time thinking. Think Later.

                     Wise Old Lady Of Guadalajara, Mexico

She was so amazing looking! I had to capture her seeming wisdom. I asked a passer by who looked as if she understood English, if she would ask this lady’s permission for me to make the image. I guess it was OK with her because she looked into my camera. When you see something that is compelling, follow your heart. Never suffer from the “I should have” syndrome. Look at the light and shadow on her face. Great light for faces.

              It’s A Connected World, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

 Even sunbathing on the beach! One of the themes I keep building on is "people on mobile phones.” I was surprised to find this one at the beach. The more you look, the more you will see. If you have a number of themes in your photo idea vault, you’ll never run out of possibilities and potentials when you’re out shooting. And don’t be afraid to add as many themes as you like. Here’s a tip: sometimes a different focal length lens helps to inspire creativity. For example: switch to a wide-angle and look for leading lines and environmental compositions. Switch to a tele to seek patterns, compression and to isolate a subject. Here’s a guide: wide-angles integrate, teles isolate. Remember this and you’ll be back in “observation mode” and you will definitely see more possibilities.

Candid People Cuba Havana Posing Child - Version 2

                                 Street Urchin, Havana, Cuba

I saw this little child on a back street. She saw my camera and wanted her picture taken in exchange for a little gift. Somebody must have shown her a ‘sexy’ photo pose in order to extract a small coin from a tourist. This saddened me. But that’s life in a culture other than ours. If you choose to give a coin, load up with same denomination coins before you hit the street. In that way, if you choose to give coins to more than one person in your shot, always give the same so as not to show favoritism. Should you give coins of unequal value because you weren’t prepared, chances are the subjects will fight for the larger coin after you go on your merry way. That’s not cool.


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